Wonders Cape

Wellbeing and relaxation app for children aged 7-12

Wonders Cape is a new wellbeing and information app designed for children aged 7-12.

The Wonders Cape app was created by Beats Medical to provide a fun and engaging experience that would help children build positive foundational wellbeing.

Wonders Cape is now available as part of a free three-month pilot initiative.

When young children experience a change in their routines or day-to-day life, they may be confused or upset. We recognise the ongoing pandemic has created significant change in children's lives.

That’s why we launched this three-month pilot of Beats Medical’s new wellbeing app, Wonders Cape, allowing children to benefit from free access to this engaging world.

Explore Wonders Cape, with interactive games and activities to discover tailored information and tips on emotions and skill building

From the Bubble Factory to the Feeling Rocks, there are many areas with helpful information to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing